I graduated in Fine Arts in Turkey, and after gaining experience in the field of cinema and tv as an assistant director, I decided to move to Italy.
Subsequently, I attended a Master’s program in Graphic and Web Design in Rome and completed an internship at a United Nations agency (UNIDO Itpo Italy). I chose to continue my career as a freelance.
I worked for over 3 years in an international e-commerce company in a different role. Meanwhile, I completed a UX Design Course with Google, and I mainly work on designing mobile apps for clients. 
I obtained a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing from Digital Coach, and after completing the program, I have been collaborating with them for over a year, primarily focusing on Visual Content and UX Design.
I currently work at Menoni.com as a UX/UI Designer. I am fluent in Turkish, Italian, and English. All of these experiences and skills add significant value to my projects.